How to Sleep with a Girl: 10 Secrets to Seal the Deal (and Have Sex Tonight)

If you wonder how to sleep with a girl you’re attracted to, you’re at the right place.

Many guys out there struggle when they try to get a girl in bed.

They struggle to have sex with girls they’re really attracted to.

In fact, getting a girl to sleep with you is not very complicated.

Whether she’s hot or ugly, the same principles apply.
The difference is that the hottie will be less likely to forgive weaknesses in your game.

how to sleep with a woman

In this article, you’re going to discover 10 powerful secrets to seal the deal with a woman.

Once you’ll have incorporated those key points into your game, you’ll be much more able to sleep with the girls you like.

You can use those tips to sleep with a girl you just met (to sleep with a girl on the first date, to sleep with a girl on the first night…) or to sleep with a girl that you’ve known for a while.

But I must warn you: reading these key points is not enough (it would be too easy).
You must put them into practice, observe and assess.

With time and experience, they’ll become natural for you.
And at this moment, you’ll be much more capable of easily bedding those girls you find attractive.

So if you have a girl in sight (or several girls in sight), but that you ignore where to start to make something happen with her (or them)…

Read carefully what follows.

Not so long ago, I had the same struggles.
My game wasn’t very solid.

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What you need to understand is that…

Women are naturally more selective than men when it comes to having a sexual intercourse.

It’s conscious and unconscious at the same time.

By sleeping with a guy, they run the risk to get pregnant.

Despite the fact that contraceptive methods are now available to everyone, they still have that risk in mind.

That’s why most women don’t sleep with any stranger they come across.

They don’t want to have a child with whoever.
Unconsciously, they want to select the best mate to have those childs with.

Women are hypergamous.

how to get a girl to sleep with you

Men, on the other hand, are different.

Us men can sleep with a girl and not suffer the consequences of unprotected sex (at least physically).

We’re biologically programmed to fuck any fuckable girl.

Women are biologically programmed to select a powerful and dominant male in order to bear healthy children and have protection.

You don’t attract a girl by your physical beauty.
Girls don’t give a shit about it (even if some people claim the opposite).

To attract a girl and sleep with her, you must follow some principles that really matter.

And that’s precisely what we going to see here.

Let’s start by the first key point:

1. To sleep with a girl, do not put her on a pedestal:

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth recalling.

To have sexe with a girl, you must not worship her.
You must not put her on a pedestal.

For several reasons:

First, if you idolize her as if she was some kind of a goddess, you’re going to put yourself under pressure.
You’re going to panic.
And the girl is going to feel it.

Which brings me to the second reason…

Why would she be attracted to a guy who consider himself inferior to her?

You only see this in animates and movies (and still…).

By putting her on a pedestal, as if she was some kind of a higher being, you trigger disdain…
She’s going to treat you as low value guy.

And women don’t have sex with low value guys.
A woman doesn’t sleep with a guy being of lower value than her.

2. Don’t be needy:

Women sleep with men who don’t need them.
Not with men who beg them to sleep with them.
Not with men who drop to their knees and fall over themselves to do things for them.

When you’re needy (in other words when you desperately try to sleep with the girl in question), you’re repulsive.

Women want to sleep with men capable of bringing them value (emotional value, social value…).

By being needy, you have nothing to bring.
On the contrary, you’re here to take.

That’s how the girl is going to feel about you.

So in order to bed a girl you like, don’t be needy.
Or if you are, don’t show it.

3. Build attraction:

There’s a lot of confusion about attraction.

Attraction is often confused with pleasing.

But those two concepts are fundamentally different.

Pleasing is like getting a girl to like you:

We like someone when we don’t feel negative emotions about this person and that we appreciate in some way his/her behavior, appearance, tastes…

But is it enough to make us want to sleep with this person?

Is it even necessary to make us want to sleep with this person?

Or maybe not.

Now what about attraction?

A person attracts you when you are attracted to this person in a an uncontrolled manner.

Is it enough to want to sleep with this person?


how to sleep with a girl you like

In order to sleep with a woman, you must seek to attract her.
Not to please her.
Not to get her to like you.
But to ATTRACT her.

When you try at all cost to get a girl to LIKE you and that the girl sees it, you kill attraction. You end into her friend zone (at best).

Which bring us to the next point…

4. Sexualize:

Sexualizing an interaction consists in introducing sex into this interaction.

Not necessarily physically by taking your penis out in front of the girl while you’re together at a bar or a café, but in a psychological manner.

It consists in getting the girl to think about sex.
Getting her to foresee or to imagine a sexual relation with you.

And you know what?

To achieve this, you don’t even have to talk about sex, nor even to touch her.

The key is simply to display masculine traits that will make the girl attracted to you. And that will turn her on.
Like a magnetic attraction.

Plus attracts minus and vice versa.

Here the same principle applies:

Your masculine energy attracts the girl’s feminine energy.

More precisely, you’re going to make her feel desired.
You’re going to express your desire.

You’re going to make her feel that you’re attracted to her and that something might happen between you and her.

Compliments are very effective for that.

5. Use emotions rather than logic:

Many guys are mistaken when they try to convince a girl to sleep with them… Instead of making her WANT to sleep with them.

They use logic.
They use rational arguments.

But it doesn’t work like that.

To sleep with a girl, you’re shouldn’t talk to her reason, but to her sensations and emotions.

You don’t turn a girl on by a logical and cold reasoning, but by emotional and sensorial stimulations.

6. Lead:

It’s the job of the man to make the first move.

While a girl might be attracted to you, she’s not going to make the first move.
Especially if she’s very feminine and want a real man.

At best, she’ll give you some more or less subtle clues to encourage you to approach her.
But she won’t explicitly declare that she’s interested or that she likes you.

She won’t make the first move.
She’ll wait for you to do it.

And if you don’t approach her, she’s going to see you as a man who lacks courage.
She’s going to see you as a guy who has no balls.
Or she’s going to see you as a man who just want to be her friend and nothing more.

Some girls are patient, some others don’t and get bored (and turned off) very quickly.

Understand that it’s your job to make the first move.

In a larger sense, it’s your job to lead.
It’s your job to direct the movement.
It’s your job to decide.

how to sleep with a girl in bed

It’s your job to initiate action: to send her a first text, to ask her out, to choose the venue for your date, to decide to go have a walk with her at a particular location, to decide to sit at this table rather than at another table, etc.

It is you who must take the lead.

Women love to be led.
They want to be with men who have this ability to direct the movement.

And when will come the time to sleep with her, she’ll naturally let herself be led and show little resistance.
She’ll have been used to you leading the interaction and will be totally at ease with that.

7. Relax:

Slow down.

Speak slowly.

Move slow.

You’ll look more alpha and it’ll put the girl more at ease.
She’ll adopt the same relaxed state.

8. Express your desire in a shameless way:

A man who’s afraid of expressing his desire is not attractive.

– Her: “Do you like me?”
– You: “Ughhh erm no why?”

If you’re ashamed of your desire while the girl knows that you’re attracted to her, she’s going to see you as a coward.

And in the case where the girl doesn’t know that you’re attracted to her, you’ll simply end into her friend zone.

Now let’s see the difference it makes when you shamelessly express your desire:

– Her: “Do you like me?”
– You: “Totally. I want to make love to you. Wildy.” (said in a calm and relax tone while looking deep into her eyes).

Contrary to what one might think, being honest (and even exaggerating to show that you have some balls and that you’re playful) doesn’t make you look needy.

It’s very attractive.
And it makes you stand out.

When you radiate self-confidence and behave in a masculine way, honesty is a powerful weapon.

Compliments on the physique of the girl or on her look are extremely powerful to build sexual tension.

9. Be unshakable:

If women always throw you some shit tests or play hard to get, it’s totally normal.

They do that to test you.
To see if they can easily destabilize you.

Don’t play their game.
Be unshakable.

Be non-reactive.
Don’t let yourself be affected.

Girls will find this extremely attractive.

As a general rule, don’t let yourself be destabilized.

Don’t look for external validation and don’t let others dictate you what to think or what to do.

10. Persist:

Persistence is a trait that makes a big difference between weak guys and solid guys.

Persistence is about not being discouraged at the first hurdle (and at the next also).

Persistence is about persisting until you seal the deal… or until the girl rejects you for good.

Women are attracted to men who are able to persist.

And it’s totally understandable: a man who’s able to persist is impressive.
It shows strength and resistance.

So persist.
Don’t let yourself be discouraged at the first rejection.
Stay playful and solid.

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